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We Provide bulk Seed and leaf powder supply

Start your own Moringa Plantation or Farm to:

  • Grow High Protein Fodder for Cows, Sheep, Pigs and Chickens
  • Produce Oil for Biofuel
  • Produce Moringa Products for Industry eg. Health, Animal Feed, Agricultural (growth stimulant for crops), Water Purification, Biofuel, Cosmetics

  • Moringa Leaves:
    • Leaves contain 27 % Protein (dry weight) with a complete Amino Acid Profile and are very rich in Vitamins and Minerals
    • The Leaves, Stems and Twigs all contain Protein and can be used as a Highly Nutritious Fodder for Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Chickens, etc
    • In Field Studies, Cows fed Moringa Leaves achieved a 31% higher weight gain per day compared to only pasture fed cows
    • Cows fed Moringa Leaves increased twinning births from 1:1000 to 3:20
    • Cows fed 3 kg of Moringa Leaves per day produced 63% more milk than cows in a control group that didn't consume Moringa Leaves
    • Foliage Spray made from the leaves increases Crop Yield by up to 35%
    • Plantations for Fodder Production have achieved 78 tons/hectare (fresh leaves) per cutting with 7 - 9 cuttings per year (climate dependent)
    • Moringa Leaves, stems and twigs are excellent source materials for Biogas Reactors
  • Moringa Seeds:
    • Seeds have 30 - 40% Oil and a High Protein content
    • Seeds can make a highly nutritious feed meal
    • Moringa Seed Oil can be used to make Biodiesel
    • Moringa Seed Oil resists rancidity, is highly stable and is very sort after in the cosmetics industry
    • Moringa Seed Oil is used as a lubricant for fine machinery
    • Ground Moringa Seed Powder is an excellent water purifier removing 99% of all bacteria, algae and sediment from Water
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Uses of the Different Parts of the Moringa Tree

Uses of Different Parts of the Moringa Tree

Diagram from 'The potential of Moringa oleifera

for Agricultural and Industrial uses'

Foidl N., Makkar H.P.S. and Becker K.

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